“Each of us must confront our own fears, must come

face to face with them……”

We all have been affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic. But the impact and consequences
are felt differently by individuals and the members of the society. While some people try to
adapt working online, homeschooling their children ordering items or food as per their
necessity, but others had no choice but to be exposed to the virus while keeping the society
functioning. This pandemic forced us to see many people getting taken away from their loved
ones and lost their lives. Some people lost their lives because of their mistake or irresponsibility
and some lost their lives because of helping other people who were in need. As an example, my
father (FOUNDER- NIRVANA FOUNDATION) had to go to the hospital for some reasons, where
he saw few poor and needy people who were infected by this virus and had no money for the
tests and medicines. My father looked out for them and helped them economically and
unfortunately, he also got infected by the Corona virus.

After reporting positive, he started home isolation with proper medication and consultation of
the doctor, so that it could not spread to others. And after a few days my mother too got
infected as she was the only who came in contact with the virus as she used to serve him food
and all the necessary items needed outside his room. With all the precautions and mandatory
steps being followed each day was a threatening day for them, as they did not know what could
happen next. As I was the only one left who was not infected was told to spend the next few
days alone in a separate closed room. Every day we saw deaths in families and frightening news
on the television and Social Media, but were still hoping to get recovered and prayed to god to
give the strength to all those who are fighting against COVID-19. As of me, I had never
experienced such a drastic change in my life to be enclosed in a room for 15 days for my own
safety and health. We had never contacted each other by video calling at home, but this
situation made us do that also. I and my parents facing each and every day with courage, hard
work and willpower to conquer over this virus and at last we won the battle against this deadly
It is truly said that Victory in front of fear, a person who overcomes his or her fear easily
achieves every goal in life, but the same person who is afraid does not know his or her abilities
throughout the life. When the world was sleeping in the fear of death by this virus, we were
awakening ourselves to overcome this fear and live life as we used to.

Class – X A
SESSION :2021-22

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