Rejoice, Reinvent, Restart, Reboot

Join the Mission with Team DPS!

The year gone by has been a year of learning & growing in ways never imagined & foreseen. The schools have advanced & grown to a new dimension altogether. The DPS Chhatarpur has reinvented it self in teaching & learning practices. The Vision & Mission of DPS Chhatarpur has been of progressive practices with a clear responsibility for development of the students, staff & Society at large.

In alignment with our holistic education system, we have gone to great lengths to get the staff & students trained in technology to conduct online classes. Online classes are being carried out seamlessly and the school has successfully completed the syllabus for all classes. We have established a reliable online system of assessment and student feedback and are geared up for any challenge that comes before us related to teaching & learning.

Teachers have done magnificently & completely reboot the practices. It is commendable as it is really difficult to transition to online teaching, learning how to use software tools to prepare and present teaching materials & that too in such a short span.

The world we live in today looks drastically different than the one we knew & this transition has not been easy. It is more important than ever to be hopeful & look forward to an everchanging future with optimism. Through sound leadership and guidance, our school administration remains prepared for the future – for a restart!

Our talented faculty, through exceptional pedagogical practices and technological mastery, was instrumental in our successful and smooth transition to distance learning this year.

We remain confident that the qualities that make DPS Chhatarpur so special, from our personalized approach to learning and our intimate class sizes, place us in an exclusive position to continue the mission of educating the hearts and minds of young children regardless of what the future holds.

We will continue to guide our mission to provide a rigorous and joyful school environment. Whether we are learning in person or remotely at home, our goal is to encourage active student engagement to foster a lifetime love for learning – rejoice – for staff, students & their families.

Partnering with families has been crucial this year.  We appreciate the support of the families as they work with students at home. We encourage families to stay connected and informed through our different modes of communication on a regular basis. When a student is taught the joy of learning, it becomes a lifelong process that never stops, a process that creates a logical individual. That is the challenge & joy of teaching.

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