The human race is under threat. This unseen deadly threat is
CORONA VIRUS cause of Covid-19 BUT we neither have bowed
down against this unseen enemy nor stepped back. We are
interruptingly combating against it. We can’t go to school but that
does not mean escaping from studies. Learning never stops. We
continued our learning and started to have online classes that is
very much beneficial for us as was when we had physical class room
learning. We have to find positivity in such a tough pandemic

One of the few positive horizons of the pandemic, has been locked
down effect on the environment. As industries, transportation and
companies have closed down, it has brought a sudden drop of
greenhouse gases. This brings out a sudden change & reduction in
the pollution levels in the environment.
The coronavirus lockdown has provided a great unique opportunity
to reconnect and spend time with parents and family members. For
some of the people that are being able to spend time with their
families, this is the unexpected benefit of lockdown.
We do not have to be scared in such a situation. Find positivity
during tough time.
Don’t give up hope we will reach to the height, if we get together,
we all will win this fight.
We take a step to study online; we will fight and
again be fine.
Let’s all fight together. Stay home, stay safe. Keep your and my
hopes alive.

Ekagrata Agrawal
Grade IX-A
Session 2021-22

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