1.) Kindergarten: Our Pre Primary wing is a place for the children to grow by exploring and learning. The school focuses on the individual needs of the children as they go through the most important stage of their life.

  • Learning through activities
  • A well structured play area
  • Extensive use of Montessori learning aids and toys to introduce new concepts
  • Trips and nature walks for getting in touch with the outdoors
  • Worksheets based curriculum
  • Special assemblies to mark festivals and special occasions

2.) Primary School and Middle School: A rich curriculum is followed at Primary school (I-V) and Middle school (VI-VIII) catering to the overall development of the children. Curriculum is powered by Xseed

  • Less stress on rote learning and more on understanding of concepts
  • Activity based learning

The XSEED Curriculum

XSEED is a school solution focused on better teaching and better learning, building clear concepts and fluency in English. It has been designed by education experts from Harvard, Cambridge, IIM and IIT. Research shows that XSEED delivers significantly higher understanding amongst children – on both, recall and application.

5-Step Teaching Methodology

STEP 1: AIM Before starting any lesson be clear about what outcomes we want to see for the students.
STEP 2: ACTIVITY Start the lesson with an activity where children have their own experience and ‘try out’.
STEP 3: ANALYSE Introduce the concept to students formally through questions and discussions.
STEP 4: APPLY Self-study and worksheet completion with reflective questions and challenging problems.
STEP 5: ASSESS Answer application-based formative and summative questions.

3.) Grade 9: The curriculum is designed on NCERT CBSE patter in such a manner that encourages team work and promotes group discussions. A great focus is laid on building the concepts through making learning interesting and meaningful.

Educational trips and exposure trips are part of the curriculum, where our student gets engaged and gain different perspectives by experience.

The curriculum caters critical thinking and creative thinking aspect of every student.



DPS Chhatarpur conducts training to regularly upgrade all learning skills for its faculty. Frequent training workshops from specialized instructors national and international is our focus.

Our school faculty is the root of our education system which tends to inspire and inculcate values and humane behavior.