Before I had initiated DPS Chhatarpur in 2014, I felt a pressing need for an adequate educational infrastructure in the rapidly developing Bundhel khand region. Today, it gives me great pride to see how this endeavor has brought quality education to a small pocket in rural Madhya Pradesh, marking the first step towards engaging a more self-aware and skilled population.

Thriving with its modernity and yet holding onto its heritage, the school aims to embrace the history of paradoxical relations that characterizes our nation. Resultantly, students are encouraged to broaden their horizons through education in concord with their distinctive cultural appreciation. As an entrepreneur myself, I have personally laid stress on providing a conducive environment for leaders of tomorrow to grow and innovate. Our aim is so that every student has access to acompetitive platform in the global arena.I look forward to challenging these young minds in a safe and nurturing environment.

Nivedan Bharadwaj
Pro Vice Chairman